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    Friday, May 8, 2015

    Course Plan For International Business

    Chapter 1: International Business –An overview

    Q: 1 Absolute Advantage Theory?
    Q: 2 Comparative Advantages Theory?
    Q: 3 Porter’s Theory?

    Q: 4 Product Life Cycles?

    Chapter 2: Foreign Direct Investment [FDI]

    Q: 1 Why a firm involve in FDI?
    Q: The Benefits of FDI to Host Countries? 
    Q: 3 The Cost of FDI to Host Countries?

    Chapter 3: The Challenges of International Strategic Management

    Q: 1 Three resources of competitive advantage available to IB?
    Q: 2 Four basic philosophy that guide strategic management to IB?
    Q: 3 Components of IB strategies

    Midterm Review
    Chapter 3: The Political & Legal Environment Facing Business

    Q: 1 The impact of the political system on management decision?
    Q: 2 Formulating and Implementing political strategies?

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