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    Tuesday, May 6, 2014

    A Small Paragraph On Cane Furniture

    Cane furniture will add a fresh look to the interior of your home. Cane furniture is often placed in the lobby of hotel resorts because it adds a tropical look to the environment. It is also frequently used as patio furniture because it is resistant against the weather elements. Most of the cane is grown, cut and processed in Indonesia. In fact, Indonesia supplies almost seventy percent of the rattan in the world. There are two types of cane furniture including bamboo and rattan.

     Bamboo cane furniture is made from cut strips of the bamboo stalk. It is durable and will not shrink during extreme temperatures. It is considered more durable compare to hardwood furniture, which rapidly fades and often cracks. The tensile strength of the bamboo is about 28,000 per square inch while steel has 23,000 tensile strength. Bamboo cane is available in different stains, finishes and styles. Bamboo furniture often have innovative, modern and contemporary designs. It can add a fashionable style to your home. When shopping for bamboo furniture, make sure it is made from real bamboo. There is a lot of bamboo furniture available which is often a cheap imitation of bamboo, most often a balsa wood. Rattan cane furniture is made from a species of palm tree known as Rotan in Africa and Asia. Rattan furniture can last for a long time in environments with warm temperatures. If the climate is moist and humid, it can become damaged and be susceptible to mold. It is suitable to be used in indoors, in particular the conservatory. If you want to keep rattan furniture outdoors, you have to position it in a sheltered place that will not be affected by the rain. Minimal cleaning is required to maintain the beauty of the rattan cane furniture. Most shops have a section for natural rattan and another section for synthetic rattan. The synthetic rattan furniture is made from plastic or resin that has a similar look to natural rattan furniture. Both synthetic and natural rattan furniture will add style to your home but with vast price differences. Cupar Garden Centre is a leading retailer in conservatory furniture and offers several ranges of rattan and bamboo furniture.
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