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    Thursday, November 15, 2012

    What Is Computer Small Paragraph On It

    What is ComputerThe word ‘computer’ comes from ‘compute’, meaning calculating or computing. However, computers are lot more than calculating machines. Computers are modern electronic machines whose functions are not limited. A computer is an electronic tool that can be programmed to do any functions. That means, it can be instructed to do whatever we want it to do. A computer is not different from other home appliances except its ability to be programmed. For example, an iron is used for ironing clothes and for nothing else, a screw driver is used for fixing or fastening screws, a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) is for watching video recordings from pre-recorded video cassettes. In almost all such cases, the purpose and use of a machine tool is predetermined. One cannot expect anything from these tools or machines that they are not supposed to do. There is the difference between a computer and an ordinary machine. The functions and capabilities of a computer are not limited and predetermined. They depend on the will and creativity of human users. As human’s creativity is unlimited, the use of computer is also endless. But, as not all users are creative as computer designers, not all users are expected to know how to program a computer. So, we can say that computers are generally equipped with common programs capable of meeting average users need.
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