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    Thursday, November 8, 2012

    Competitive Business Environment and Emerging Digital Firm

    The emerging digital firm Four Powerful Worldwide Changes That Altered Business Environment: 

    1. Globalization 
    2. Rise of the Information Economy 
    3. Transformation of the Business Enterprise 
    4. Emergence of the Digital Firm Globalization 
    • Management and control in a global marketplace 
    • Competition in world markets 
    • Global workgroups 
    • Global delivery systems 
    • Rise of the Information Economy 
    • Knowledge- and information-based economies 
    • New products and services Knowledge: 
    • a central productive and strategic asset 
    • Time-based competition 
    • Shorter product life 
    • Turbulent environment 
    • Limited employee 
    • knowledge base Transformation of the Business Enterprise 
    • Flattening 
    • Decentralization 
    • Flexibility 
    • Location independence 
    • Low transaction and coordination costs 
    • Empowerment Collaborative work and teamwork
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