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    Saturday, October 20, 2012

    Types of E-Commerce

    Types Of E-Commerce E-commerce can be divided into primarily three categories

    (1) Business to Consumer (B2C): Where enterprises sell directly to the customer, often cutting out (‘disinter mediating’) wholesalers or ‘bricks and mortars’ retail outlets. B2C is the most commonly understood form of internet business (www.amazon.com). The most successful trading has been with standard products such as CDs, Books, Software, downloadable music etc.
    (2) Business to Business (B2B): It is larger, growing faster. This includes procurements of raw materials and supplies, liaison with contractors, sales channels, servicing customers, collaborating with partners, integrated management with data and knowledge.
    (3) Business to Government(B2G): Here business trade directly with government offices and agencies for public procurement (e.g. supplies for hospitals, school and other government contracts.
    (4) Consumer to consumer (C2C): Online transaction between private individuals.
    (5) Consumer to business(C2B)
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