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    Saturday, October 13, 2012

    Taking Survey Of Child Labor For Case Study

    Here is an example of making a survey with Child labor.It is the life style of a child labor.

    Name- Rahim*
    Age- 12 years
     Religion- Islam
     Type of family- Nuclear
     Family members- 7
     Occupation- Tailor
     Income- Tk.500/= per month
     Rahim is a twelve years old boy, who like many other kids of his age had many dreams. Dreams of being a pilot but sadly he had to leave all that behind to work as a tailor’s assistant so that he could support his family, which consists of his mother, father, one sister and three brothers. Rahim is the eldest. He left school two years ago when his father had an accident and lost one leg, his mother found it difficult to take care of the whole family and her salary as a maid is too little to support the entire family. Rahim works as an assistant to a tailor in a shop in Zindabazar, Sylhet. He is paid a measly amount of tk.500 per month, when asked why he was being paid so little, Rahim’s employer (tailor) said that he is being paid more than what most of the other kids get paid in other tailors. Rahim does not complain about the salary figure as work now a day are hard to find and one has to make the most with what he gets. I try to make him understand about his rights, how his employer has to give him time off for school, etc but then how can a boy of twelve understand such difficult terms. Rahim dreams of owning his own tailor someday, his employer has taken him as an apprentice. All his siblings do not attend school; he hopes that some day he will be able to send them all back to school. I ask him what he is going to do about his education, he looks down and after many minutes of silence says that he does not have the time to pursue an education now. After half an hour of talking to him, Rahim gets called in by his employer, he is after all a very busy man, but before going back to work he looks at me and with the widest grin possibly says, “Afa arekhbar aiba!” and I leave wondering how can people smile even when their life is filled with so much sorrow…
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