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    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    Questionnaires Samples For Feminization Of Poverty

    Feminization of poverty

    Here is the examples of Questionnaires that will help you for making case study about Feminization Of Poverty:
     1. Men's wages are higher than women's do you agree? a. Yes b. No 2. Many women's jobs don't have medical benefits. Do you think so?
     a. Yes b. No
     2. Women who work are more stressed and depressed? a. Yes b. No
     3. “Women will take their family problems into the office and be less effective employees” Do you agree with this statement? a. Yes b. No
     4. Husbands of women who work are threatened by their wife earning money? Do you agree?
     a. Yes b. No

     5. Do you think our government are taking necessary steps to stop feminization poverty? a. Yes b. No 6. “Women’s education is as necessary as a man”? Do you agree? a. Yes b. No
     7. As primary and secondary education is free in our country, but all girls are not taking the benefits of its, what should be the reason behind that?
     a. Society b. Poverty c. Family d. All of them
     8. Some NGO’s are working with women’s for helping them, how do you evaluate them?
     a. Good b. Excellent c. Bad d. Very bad
     9. We are becoming poor day by day because we are not giving women for work?
     a. Yes b. No
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