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    Friday, October 19, 2012

    History Of E-Commerce And Types Of Business Transaction

    history of e-commerce

    History Of E-Commerce: 

    • In 1950’s companies began to use computers to store and process internal transaction records 
    • By 1960’s businesses that engaged large volume of transaction had began exchanging transaction information on punched card 
    • In 1968 Transportation Data Co-ordination Committee (TDCC ) was formed by some companies 
    • In 1979 ANSI (American National Standards Institute) chattered a new committee to develop uniform EDI (Electron Data Interchange) 
    • In 1987 UN publish its first standards under the title EDI 

    Traditional and Electronics Business Transaction: 

    The business process is broadly divided into five main categories namely: 
    • Market product and services 
    • Sell and deliver products and services 
    • Process payments 
    • Manage relationship 
    • Manage the enterprise
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