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    Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    Case Study Samples For Child Labor

    examples of child labor 
     Age: 15
     Religion: Islam
    Gender: Male
     Nationality: Bangladeshi
     Family Type: Nuclear
     Family member:4
     Work Type: Rickshaw Puller
     Income (monthly):TK.1500-1700
     Daily working hour: 8am - 9pm
    Sobuj is a child of 15 years old.He is from Kustia.He lives in Lawai with his family.He have one small brother and one elder sister.He losted his father when he was only 10 years old.His mother and sister is a domestic worker.He lives below the poverty line.That’s why he have to earn.He works in the hot sun and rain.He carries passengers from one place to another place.Sometimes he carries goods on his rickshaw. He spend his earning money for his family.He can speaks Sylhety very well. school because of his poverty,but he is very much interested about study.He wants to give his brother to a good school.He wants to give marry his sister in a good family,for this reason he is saving 10-20 tk daily.With the daily earning money ,he buys his daily necessaries of life and goes back to his poor family.He often has a mind to get education .But the condition of his family does not permit him to do so.Thus he spend his life in work and want.His aim in life is to be a Doctor. But he don’t know what will happen in future.
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