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    Thursday, September 13, 2012

    What is Motivation | Defination With Figure


    The way drives or need direct a person`s behavior to word a specific goal; involves the level of effort put forth to pursue the goal. For example, Gina knows that Jose and Mika have similar skills and work experience. Jose completes his work, but Mike recently has begun to slip. She concludes that Jose is motivated but Mike is not, why? That’s the motivation puzzle Gina must solve.
    Fig:The process of motivation in the individual
    Fig: The process of motivation in the individual
    Generally speaking, rewards and punishments are the tools managers use to motivate employees. Rewards can be extrinsic or intrinsic.

    Extrinsic Reward:

    Reward external to the work itself and administered by someone else, such as a manager.
    Examples include pay, fringe benefits, recognition, and praise.

    Intrinsic rewards: 

    A sense of gratification directly related to performing the job.
    In this sense, they are often described as self –administered. Intrinsic rewards include feeling good about accomplishing an objective and about being able to make a job-related decisions without consulting a supervisor.


    An Undesirable consequence of a particular behavior. For example, a frequently tardy worker would be punished by having his pay docked for the time missed.
    Communicating and administering rewards and punishments are part of the manager’s job in creating the best motivational atmosphere. Both types of rewards appear to produce higher levels of performance than punishment does. Motivation is goal oriented. It can work this way: first the person experiences tension created by unfulfilled needs. A need indicates a deficiency; for example, when you are hungry, you have a need for food. Second, the person starts a search to find a reasonable way to satisfy these unfulfilled needs. Third, when some of the needs are fulfilled and some of the goals are accomplished, the process begins again.
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