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    Monday, September 17, 2012

    The Individual Human Needs

    In additions to these theories, research has focused on specific individual human needs that are important in organizations. The three most important individual needs are achievement, affiliation and power.

    The need for Achievement: 

    the best known of the three, is the desire to accomplish a goal or task more effectively than in the past.

    The need for affiliation:

    is less well understood. Like Maslow’s belongingness need, the need for affiliation is a desire for human companionship and acceptance. People with a strong need for affiliation are likely to prefer (and perform better in) a job that entails a lot of social interaction and offers opportunities to make friends.

    The need for power:

    is the desire to be influential in a group and to control ones environment. Research has shown that people with a strong need for power are likely to be superior performers, have good attendance records, and occupy supervisory positions.

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