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    Thursday, September 13, 2012

    Maslow Needs Hierarchy And Job Satisfactions

    Needs Hierarchy

    A motivational theory, offered Maslow that people have five needs arranged in a hierarchy from physiological to self-realization.
    Maslow Needs Hierarchy And Job Satisfactions

    Physiological need: 

    Biological need,such as for food, air, water.The starting point for understanding motivation is physiological needs.The person who is hungry or tired is thinking about food or sleep, not work.But once physiological needs are fulfilled,they lose their power to motivate.

    Safety need:

    Security need, such as the need to be financially secure and protected  against job loss. Then safety needs become important for instance, workers are concerned about keeping their jobs and about being financially secure when they retire. Safety needs can be satisfied by the creation of seniority system, pension, and insurance plans. As with physiological needs, once most of the safety needs have been satisfied, the next level of needs becomes more important.

    Social need:

    The need to belong and to interact with other people. Employees want to belong, to interact with other employees. Thus the friendly behavior or individuals in small groups    within organizations is a major source of satisfaction for special needs. In a small group,  individuals support and encourage one another; as a by-product, they get a sense of being  an accepted member of the group.

    Esteem Need

    The need for self-respect and for respect from others. The esteem needs are needs for self-respect and respect from others. An important part of this area is that an employee’s work efforts and output be recognized and appreciated by others. When the need for esteem is strong, the individual will often set difficult goals, work hard to achieve the goals, and expect to receive recognition for these efforts. Goals accomplishment and the resulting recognition lead to feelings of self esteem and self-confidence.

    Self actualization need:

    The need to use and display one’s full range of skill and competence. The top the needs hierarchy is self-actualization, the ability to display and use one’s full potential. This need takes over when an adequate level of satisfaction has been reached in the other four need levels. A person who reaches self-actualization has come close to using his or her full set of skills.

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    2. People have different needs. I guess education can also be classified as a man's need for him to have a better living in the future. However not all people had satisfied their needs of learning because of some reasons. One of which is their lack of access to education. Good thing that the internet provides an alternative way to be able to satisfy this need, that is through the help of online colleges and universites.

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