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    Friday, September 21, 2012

    Function Or Various Types Of Leadership

    The autocratic style

    The autocratic leader is authoritarian and assumes responsibility for all aspects of the operation. Communication is one way, with little or no scope for feedback. Without the autocratic style, we can identify the tough autocrat, who demands total compliance from the workforce and the kindly autocrat (or paternalist) who demands compliance on the basis that the boss knows best.
    However, the autocratic style creates frustrations and resentment. The work group becomes very dependent on the leader and will be unable to act independently.

    The democratic style

    The democratic or participative leader seeks the opinions of subordinates and strives for mutual understanding. Democratic implies acceptance of group decisions, but most democratic managers consult yet retain the ultimate responsibility for decision making. It is especially appropriate where experienced works need to be fully involved in their work.

    The laissez faire or free rein style

    This style works well when subordinates are willing and able to accept responsibility. The freedom of maneuver motivation the enthusiastic worker. However there are risks associated with this style as success is dependent on the competence and integrity of subordinates.
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