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    Sunday, April 22, 2012

    What Is Industrial Psychology | Definition

    Definition Of Industrial Psychology

    Industrial Psychology is the study of people as individual and groups and of the relationship between individuals and groups. The study of individuals has had the longer history and is more widely recognized as being within the scope of psychology. Finding the qualifications of a person for a job-his work history, his intelligence, his special attitudes, his nonintellectual personality and his interest relating these qualifications to the requirements of the job, and interpreting the result are well recognized an within the province of industrial psychology.
    Industrial Psychology
    It is also recognized that the psychologists develops training programs, especially for technical employees, in order to develop the desired level of skill, including quantity and quality of output and of safety.
    Furthermore, it is known that on occasions Psychologists give questionnaries to employees to find their attitudes toward job, company, andd supervisor; and that on other occasions psychologists are called into counsel with emotionally upset employees.

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